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Tuesday news of note

ESPN's Pat Forde thinks we win 16-13 on a blocked Vaughn FG at the gun.

Tommy Tuberville is trying his best to play the "underdog" card, despite carrying a #3 national ranking.

Glenn Guilbeau's got a great quote in his article today:

LSU may now be the first team in college football history to play a revenge game after winning the previous year.

Interestingly enough, I have to say I agree; it really does feel like we're the ones out for revenge here.

The fact that there's even a discussion about whether LSU has replaced Alabama as Auburn's biggest game of the year is a testament to how big this rivalry's become. Clearly, Bama will always have a special place in Auburn fans' hearts, but the importance that this game has carried this decade - with the winner going on to win the West in five of the past six years - has catapulted this game to arguably equal footing for the time being.