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Monday notes

Well the SEC has spoken, and the calls in the Auburn game have been deemed to be correct. So while I'm sure this most certainly won't be the end to the matter in the minds of LSU fans, it'd be great if the message board types would just shut up about it and move on. There's a hell of a lot of football left to play, we lost a game a month later than this (or 3 games, mind you) during our title run in 03, and it's no stretch to say that this year's defense just might be better. And on that note, by the way, Glenn Dorsey was named the SEC's Defensive lineman of the week for the second straight week.

Speaking of message board types, there's lots of bitching going on about Les Miles after this one. I just want to say again (after I said it yesterday), my overall opinion of Les moved up a couple notches after this weekend. I have problems with some of the playcalling on offense, but I have no idea where the division of duty stands between Les and OC Jimbo Fisher. So as much as it's easy to pin that aspect of the game on Miles, we absolutely have to give the guy equal credit for what our defense has accomplished instead of giving all the due to Bo Pelini (who deserves plenty). Over and above that, this marks the fourth consecutive game in which our Tigers have shown up to play (going back to last year). We just happened to meet a superior opponent on Saturday, and that should take nothing away from Les.

On a "Tigers in the NFL" note, Devery Henderson, Josh Reed, and Joe Addai all scored TDs yesterday. Addai added 82 yards on the ground to boot. Michael Clayton continues to be stuck in that gawd-awful Bucs offense, though I guess Joey Galloway continues to pile up yards so who knows what's going on with Clayton.

Update [2006-9-18 23:56:45 by GeauxTigers]: All that said about the refs, Tiger Smack has a link to some close up pictures of it. Ugh. Oh well. I guess I'm just through steaming about it, and ready to get on with the season.