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Sloooowww Wednesday roundup

It's been slow and I'm a day late, but it's good to see Skip Bertman lash out against the SEC. Money. I'm generally not one for taking solace in relative plights, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that at least it isn't quite as bad as being an Oklahoma fan right about now, judging by the vitriol spewed forth the other day by OU's school president. Cancel the game? Hah.

Scott Rabalais' take on the game is interesting. I'm guessing his inbox is overloaded with griping after he dared say the pass interference no-call was correct.

And the focus is squareliy on the running game after it was shut down against Auburn. In all honesty, I'm not sure it makes me feel any better that we were just missing blocks; I'd rather chalk it up to Auburn's stellar defense. The next two weeks vs Tulane and Mississippi State may not tell us anything other than how exciting Ryan Perrilloux can be in the fourth quarter of a blowout.

And on the topic of this week's game vs Tulane, TigerSmack has conducted an interview with Tulane blogger Frank McGrath. Excellent read.

Can I look ahead a couple weeks? C'mon, it's Tulane and Mississippi State. Ok, thanks. Florida's best defensive lineman, Marcus Thomas, has been suspended five games, which includes the LSU game in 3 weeks, for testing positive for marijuana. Quoth the Orson: "Five Games? Yes, that variety of stupid." Yikes.

I don't even watch Grey's Anatomy (like J.D. said in a Scrubs episode last year "I love that show! It's like they're watching our lives and then they put it on TV!"), but Kyle's got an amusing team-by-team Grey's Anatomy style breakdown of the SEC. I was hoping LSU would be the hot one, but Arkansas got the nod there. Damn!