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Game On!

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Sorry about the lack of posting this week, it's been hectic at work. The Tigers welcome the Tulane Green Wave to Baton Rouge tonight. Not expected to be much of a game, given the Green Wave is still recouping from the extraordinary circumstances wrought by Hurricane Katrina last year. This is their last of fourteen consecutive road games, a season which involved "homes" in Jackson, MS; Dallas, TX; and Ruston, LA.

I'm just hoping to see a bit better effort than the madly conservative play calling from last week, and hopefully we'll get right back on track from the Auburn loss. Also with any luck we'll get a chance to see Charles Scott and/or Keiland Williams get a decent number of snaps, and who knows, maybe Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux as well.

In any event, post all yer gameday comments here.