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Sunday morning shtick

LSU jumped Georgia to take the 9th spot in the new AP Poll.

Les isn't ready just yet to name Charles Scott the starting running back.

No disrespect to the man, I wonder how long it took Glenn Guilbeau to come up with the awful pun ("Tulane highway...interstate travel") he uses to start this article?

How about some typical CFR garbage? I'm catching this late, but from his Thursday roundup of last week's games:

In one of the day's worst games, Auburn beat LSU 7-3.  It's universally recognized that teams play good defense in the SEC, but both of these defenses aren't that good, particularly against the talented offenses they faced on Saturday.

And a lively discussion ensues on the site regarding what a terrible game is. CFR's QEDMF moment is echoing another poster's comment that "You can say that the teams are built around defenses, but you can't tell me that the teams don't have the basic talent to score 20+ points in a game against good defenses." And somehow that should be taken as the gospel truth. I'd take the time to call BS on this whole concept, but honestly I'll just remain content with the notion that relying on him for analysis of defense would be akin to asking Gandhi to pontificate on, say, the evolution of tactical warfare in the American Civil War.

No link to the video, but as I'm typing this, former LSU DB Ryan Clark just laid a hellacious shot on Cincy's Chris Henry on a crossing route. That was pretty amusing.