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Day before the game roundup

Probably a good idea not to run out of gas on an interception return, even if it's late and we're up by 30. Craig Steltz is better for it, though. Wind sprints build character.

TigerSmack's off interviewing a Mississippi State blogger this week, and you can larns yerself all about the Cowbell and the first Omarr I've ever encountered who spells it with two R's.

Damn, that was close. Good try, South Carolina! At the very least, Auburn looks vincible. Incidentally, if we ever get a South Carolina blog added to this network, I hope we name it "Cockblogging." I almost want to start that one myself, just for the name's sake.

Wait, never mind. Seems it's already got an urban dictionary reference, thus eliminating any chance of approval from the higher ups. Bleh.

And here we go: first official media article about the similarities between the '03 and '06 defense. I think. And they quote the one guy who started for both squads, the LaRon himself.