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Free-write thoughts on the LSU-ULL game.

WOW...Russell just threw that ball across his body 50 yards in the air (our 34 to the ULL 16) to hit LaFell in stride for the TD. 7-0. Beautiful.

We're just solid up front, good to see. Forced the pick-six, 14-0.

ULL's tailback has 4.35 speed. I did not know that.

Tyson Jackson's name is being called constantly. That's a pleasant surprise.

Defense just gave up a long drive and got lucky on the ULL missed FG; Offense just went three and out. They get the ball back in our territory after the 35 yard punt. Not good.

AHHH....Russell just overthrew Buster Davis deep. That would've been pretty. Another 3 and out for LSU. Yikes.

And we just fumbled the punt after a solid series by the defense. A full quarter since we've scored. Ugh.

We just got our 2nd first down of the game, 20 minutes in. That said, Russell just hit a wide open Bowe 30 yards down field. He's 4/7 for 90 yds and a TD so far. I'd like to see the offense a bit more productive; 2 plays have made our entire game thus far. A better kick from ULL on the first FG attempt and it's a one possession game.

False start, then burned a time out. Just sloppy.

We're getting a rhythm in the passing game now. Good to see.

Wow. We've converted on 27 consecutive redzone trips (back to last year's Auburn game). 21 TDs.

SWEET! Make it 28 straight...Russell to Doucet, 21-3. Let's just let Early out-jump `em. I can live with that.

Hey, Shaq's here. He's being feted at the half.

Russell's really in a rhythm now...Russell placed it perfectly in the back of the endzone to Bowe for a 30-yard TD.

End of the half, 28-3 us. We haven't run the ball worth squat (22 yds), but absolutely no complaints about Russell. Great first half for the passing game (213, 3 TDs).

Vincent's been the only one running the ball, other than a carry or two for Hester, and he's not really doing it well. Looks slow. Also, I'm reading SMQ while watching this game on Tivo, so I could be missing something. Honestly, I already know the final score.

Russell looks like he's playing NCAA on Xbox right about now. Rollout to the opposite side and throw it 50 for a TD? Sure. Roll out of a collapsing pocket to your strong side and effortlessly hit a receiver 25 yards down field? Sure.

More bad Vincent. Not really seeing anything impressive out of him tonight.

Hester's carrying the ball now, JV is out.

Vincent can catch though!

Alley Broussard is in! Looks like JV may have hurt his ankle. Looks ok though.

TD Hester. I'm glad we made it a point to try to establish the run on that drive. Muy bueno.

Ok we're up 35-3. Now I'm just going on one-arrow fast-forward on the Tivo.

Trindon Holliday, he of the 4.27 40 just got a shot at a punt return and fumbled it away. Not a good start for the kid. Shake it off, son, your career will be solid. Just learn from the mistake.

Zenon with his 2nd pick of the game. Great start to the year for the member of our starting secondary who gets the least amount of pub (Landry, Daniels, Jackson).

ALLEY BROUSSARD FOR 20 YARDS ON HIS FIRST CARRY BACK!!! And Tiger Stadium loves it!!! Quick feet, bruising run. Love it. Flynn's in by the way.

Another 12 for Alley...but it's coming back.  Boo.

4th and 2...everyone knows Alley's getting the ball...and he does...and he makes it. Alcohol is consumed through Tiger Stadiu. That's illegal, by the way, and I by no means condone it.

Hey, Charles Scott is in. Last year's Louisiana Mr. Football. Blah, couple yards on the first carry. Broussard is back in.

Broussard for five down to the 2, commentator quote "the old Alley would've scored there...went airborne rather than making the cut on the knee." I'm not sure I disagree...Meanwhile, TD Alley on the next carry...really happy to see that.

Whoo! We can use tight ends too.

Nice little 20 yard run for Charles Scott. It's late and the running game is working against a tired and vastly overmatched Cajuns D.

TigerVision's funny. Graphic: "LSU Balanced scoring - 3 Pass TDs, 3 Rush TDs." Wow, I didn't know INT returns for TDs count as rush TDs. Learn something new every day, etc. Or not. Time to larn our graphics folks something new.

Hah, Flynn is a gamer. Did all he could to get a run into the endzone and took a few guys head on. Ok, 5 min left, doesn't look like there's going to be a Perrilloux sighting tonight.

All in all take on the game - to the extent that any "take" on a game vs ULL has to be taken with a large grain of salt vis a vis the carryover to higher-caliber opponents:

  • We were a little sloppy at first after a stellar first 5 minutes (which was really 2 big plays in all), but it was great to see us make a commitment to get the running game flowing after it stalled out of the gates.

  • Stoked about Russell, got a chuckle out of seeing him have a little bit of trouble fine tuning some of the short passes; we all know he has his issues there. He looked extremely comfortable going through the reads and made some sick throws. Absolutely, positively, a solid game for him.

  • Concerned about JV, he didn't do much for anyone; Broussard, Hester, and even Scott were able to grind out some yards while JV wasn't so it's tough to place much blame on OL breakdowns.

  • Speaking of the OL, our QBs had decent protection and I can't say I had much of an issue with their overall play. As I'm typing this recap, Flynn gets sacked and we have to settle for a FG. Hah.

  • Overall comment on the defense - these guys were all over the damn place. I hate to try to take any conclusions from a game against ULL, but the way the line played like it could be just as good as last year's unit. Couldn't have asked for anything better out of these guys as a tune up for Arizona.

  • Lastly, I have to add a D- grade for the special teams...2 fumbled punt returns will not cut it anywhere.

(And Tiger Stadium's 20k faithful who remain get to scream for Ryan Perrilloux! Great, we missed it as TigerVision broke away for advertising. Apparently, RP tripped on his first play. Too bad. 43 seconds left...RP completes his first pass as a Tiger, on a rollout to the Cole (TE). Freshman-phenom-whose-wait-for-Clearinghouse-approval-had-Tiger-Nation-on-the-edge-of-its-collective -seat Keiland Williams gets a couple carries to close out the game.)

Oh, and Les' hat still doesn't fit.