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Making the Rounds

The polls are out, and much of the same - we're 8th in both, no change in the AP ranking and up a spot in the Coaches poll now that the coaches get a chance to factor in the Bomar incident.

The line on this weekend's game vs Arizona is now at -16. That seems awfully high to me. Granted, we beat them by 46 at their place in 03, and 'Zona struggled with a not-so-mighty BYU squad last week, but I'm not particularly comfortable with the notion we can beat a BCS conference opponent by that much. I know, it happened against Miami, but that doesn't make a trend.

Alley Broussard speaketh, and we listeneth. Miles has certainly stopped short of effusive praise for Alley thus far, and clearly he won't let up until Alley is more consistent about laying off the Scooby Snacks.

Much as we outsource photoshopping skills to the hilarious TigerSmack, we can outsource offensive line analysis to a message board commenter who watched the game a third time - this is the ULL game, mind you - in order to solely focus on one linebacker and one offensive tackle's play.

Anyway, I'm in NYC till Thursday evening for work so I may be absent from these parts. Enjoy your week, kids...