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Busy week!

Plenty has happened since last I posted. First, on a happy note, the male basketball Tigers pounded out a 66-49 win over Uconn. Now, UConn isn't the Top 5 power this year that it traditionally has been, but it was great to get some payback for the oh-so-close one-point defeat last year.

But then on a sad note, the male basketball Tigers lost to Alabama. Thankfully, I'm in NYC and the hotel doesn't get ESPN2 so I didn't have to witness that display of awfulness. Not that Bama doesn't deserve credit - but Roll Bama Roll has a laundry list of negatives from the game. And I will say one thing for Nick Saban - you get unexpectedly thrust into the limelight with a microphone at your new school, whose team is at that very moment playing your old school whose contingent generally hates you, and you handle it with this kind of composure, you're damn good at what you do.

On another basketball note, the bowl win seems to have just been gravy on the sports year for fellow SBN Blogger A Sea of Blue's Kentucky Wildcats. Keep an eye on his posts for weekly SEC Power Ranking commentary. It isn't the football Cats who bring us gratuitous shots of Ashley Judd, so be thankful, folks.

As expected, JaMarcus hath departed for the NFL. Godspeed, dude.

The downside of success: our Jimbo Fisher has left us for the apparently cozier confines of Tallahassee. Read all about what Terry Bowden says Deddy's up to down in Fla. With this, I can't say I blame Russell for not wanting to go through the hassle of learning an entirely new system - might as well do it for the RRRRRaidahs! And thankfully, for now at least it hasn't affected the commitment decision of one Jarrett Lee, high school quarterback extraordinaire.

With our having finished ranked third in the final polls, add another feather to Les Miles' hallowed hat - first time since 1958-1959 that the Tigers have finished the season ranked in the Top 5 in consecutive years.

That Les, he maanged to secure a couple solid recruits last weekend, taking our Rivals class ranking to 3.62, good for 4th in the country right now. It's only a matter of time, though, before SC and its couple dozen five stars actually sign the dotted line and they wind up 1 or 2 in the country.

In less great news, Fulmer Cup season hath begun in the midst of the celebration over at EDSBS, and our very own Ryan Perrilloux, future national title QB, leads the charge. Eh, this'll just give them a "bounce back" tagline for next season. No more traffic tickets, foo!! It's a federal criminal investigation, according to WWL. More from The Advocate, though nothing's being said at this point. Sky is falling crowd, by the way, can be found here.

And what would life be without a couple preseason polls to stir the pot not one week after we finished annihilating the Domers: Rivals has us at 3, while the OMG retards knowledgeable folks over at ESPN have us at 13. This has set the message board crowd off the chain, even in the midst of the aforementioned Perrilloux brouhaha, though I'm not particularly sure why anyone would want the burden of a preseason Top 5 ranking after losing as much talent as we are. I suppose you can go ahead and crown me Idiotarian of the Year for being surprised at the lack of sanity on message boards. Go ahead, flog me. I deserves it.

After the Florida shellacking of the Ginnless Ohio State, all I can think of here is: prescience -