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That time of year again

Guilbeau Baggins: A smug, holier-than-thou Glenn Guilbeau "I told you so" article. No WAY. Addresses the one reporter and minority of the fan base who just happened to be loud enough to create a chorus for Matt Flynn to start. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of the fan base was behind Russell. They may not have been as loud as the Flynn contingent, but even among knowledgeable fans more often than not the whole quarterback debate thing degenerates into a cesspool of Your Mom jokes so the uber-knowledgeable just say: why engage in that nonsense? Anyway, just to repeat: Glenn Guilbeau told you so.

Just to go ahead and get it out of the way: the whole Perrilloux saga continues with no conclusions. That's not a new link or anything; I just have no idea what the timeline is on this, and I want it over. There is plenty of good news to go around in Tiger Nation, plenty of reason to feel tremendously optimistic about 2007, and frankly I'd rather focus on that then waste time debating something as vague and bizarre as this.

The offensive coordinator search continues, with Major Applewhite and Gary Crowton in the mix. Applewhite has since signed with Bama. I'll say this much - I enjoyed the hell out of watching that Crowton offense at Louisiana Tech in the late 90s. I'm not as familiar with his work post-Tech, but was impressed the one or two times I caught BYU on TV during his tenure out there.

SEC quarterbacks recoil as Glenn Dorsey announces he's staying at LSU. What  HUGE boost for us next year. Message to Bo Pelini - stay one more year, maybe help nudge us along to another national title, and then you'll have job offers out the wazzoo next year that are even better than this go ' Bo, think of your FAMILY. You know you want to be able to keep them situated in the same city for gasp - a third consecutive year!

Dorsey's staying aside, sure we're losing a number of talented players (e.g. Russell, Bowe, Davis, Landry...), but an LSU fan has to be a raving lunatic if he isn't positively giddy about our prospects for next year. This is shaping up to be one of the best recruiting classes in LSU Tiger history - and now we can add four-star defensive lineman Will Blackwell to the list. Rivals currently has the 2007 LSU class listed 3rd overall; for anyone who was concerned that Nick Saban's departure meant the end of LSU recruiting, it's high time to realize that not only were you dead wrong about Les Miles' recruiting ability, he's actually put together even better recruiting classes than Nick Saban did in terms of overall talent - go ahead, browse the Rivals rankings history for prior years. Sure, Saban laid the groundwork in getting world class facilities built and no doubt that was a tailwind for Les, but the last thing you can say about the new coach is that he's disappointed in this area.

Gators blog Saurian Sagacity expounds on the impressive performance by the SEC in BCS title games thus far. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the main page for an interesting tidbit about the Gators that I'd never known till I read it.