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Another Home Run for Les

Well, apparently I'm still alive despite my Sugar Bowl experience and long absense from posting. Detox has been lovely thank you and a big help to the ole pocketbook. Don't worry, it won't last much longer. Anyway, on to more important things.

I was never completely sold on Les Miles, but I seem to be turning the corner. I know he's had a ton of talent to work with, but he's done well with it and seems to be keeping up the LSU recruiting juggernaut. That was my biggest concern when he was hired. The one thing I was most impressed with when he was first hired was his ability to hire quality coaches for his staff and that seems to have continued.

I won't lie, I was worried when Jimbo Fisher left, as I think we all were. But it's apparent Miles has done it again and hit a home run for his offensive coordinator in getting Gary Crowton from Oregon.

With Crowton calling the plays, Oregon had one of the nation's most prolific and balanced offenses in 2006.

The Ducks ranked ninth nationally in total offense with 422.9 yards per game, were 14th in rushing (181.9 ypg), 26th in passing (241.0 ypg) and 25th in scoring (29.5 ppg). Oregon led the Pac-10 Conference in total and rushing offense.

For those of you who don't remember, Crowton revitalized Louisiana Tech in the late 1990s with as prolific an offense as there was in the nation. He did the same at BYU briefly before taking his attack to Oregon.

I would expect absolutely no drop off from the offenses Fisher has run the past seven years. Fans might even be excited to see more spread formations than in the past. I know it was against Pac 10 defenses, but still. Either way, this hire should keep LSU in the hunt for some big time offensive recruits like Joe McKnight and Terrance Tolliver and it might even help them.

The other bonus is Crowton's history in north Louisiana. His ties to high school coaches in the area should only help LSU's recruiting in that part of the state in the future.

That leaves Miles with one staff spot left to fill, offensive line coach. Personally, I think former Tulane head coach and Georgia offensive coordinator Chris Scelfo is the best candidate, but In Les I Trust. I would imagine that whoever Miles has in mind, he wanted to make sure that coach would mesh well with the new coordinator. Expect an announcement soon.