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Slow, and basketball doesn't do it for me

LSU recruits beware: Lie about your visits, and lose your scholarship. Bravo, Les. As a result, Luther Davis is off to Bama. Rest assured he will not be well received the next time the Tide comes to Baton Rouge, if he sees the field.

Meanwhile, in a surprise to absolutely no one, Matt Flynn appears to be the starter.  

On to basketball: not going well after we lost yet another SEC matchup, this one to Vandy, dropping us to 13-6 and assuring ourselves a ticket out of the Top 25 and into dreaded bubble territory. On the plus side, at least we didn't lose to Vandy in football? Let's hope we can get it together at Georgia tomorrow.

Crickets chirping Waiting for any news to come out of what is a HYUUUUUGE recruiting weekend (Dandy Don's words, my phonetics). Dandy also earned some points in the 2007 Bad Pun of the Year contest, imploring Early Doucet "to not drop the ball" in hosting bajillion star recruit Joe McKnight this weekend. Early! Get Rick Fox on the phone, stat. Y'erd!

He got game