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Podcasts, Officiating in LSU-Florida game, USC's spelling champs

Once again this week the guys at CFB Weekly were kind enough to invite me on to their radio show to discuss last weekend's game vs Florida and this week's against Kentucky. Several good bloggers in there, including our SBN colleagues at A Sea of Blue (with whom we'll soon be doing a Q&A for this week's game) and Conquest Chronicles.

Some of my Florida friends were complaining to me after the game about the officiating. While I haven't been able to find any Gainesville Sun, Orlando Sentinel, or Tampa Tribune articles which even mentioned poor officiating, perhaps they're out there somewhere. Meanwhile, courtesy of the poster barry from, we get this beauty, which was a late hit called on LB Ali Highsmith (click for full size):

Early has returned! (Though he still may not play.) And Miles will have no more pats on the back, thank you very much.

USC: not #1 in the polls and, ehm, evidently not #1 in spelling either, (click for full size and forgive me, it's indeed a cellphone pic):