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SEC Power Poll

My weekly SEC Power Poll, which is compiled by Garnet and Black Attack.

  1. LSU - Could go from #1 to forgotten in a few weeks if that passing game doesn't get its act in order
  2. Florida - Trip to Lexington suddenly looks that much tougher. Next week could we be calling this the best THREE-loss team we've ever seen?
  3. South Carolina - How beautiful would it be if the East comes down to the outcome of the Florida-South Carolina game?
  4. Kentucky - Carved up a great defense, and did it without Rafael Little. About time they got some payback for the Bluegrass Miracle.
  5. Auburn - Could THIS be the best defense in the SEC? Holding McFadden, Jones, & co. scoreless for 58 minutes is an impressive feat.
  6. Tennessee - Though they control their own destiny, I have to feel like something's going to trip them up down the stretch.
  7. Alabama - Take your pick between Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas in this slot. Georgia's win over Bama was nullified by their play the past two weeks. Not that Bama's been great either, but Georgia's just been worse.
  8. Georgia - Well, at least they didn't LOSE to Vandy.
  9. Arkansas - You get the feeling they're going to do some damage to SOME team this year with a 400-yard rushing effort. Could it be LSU?
  10. Mississippi State - Good effort against the Vols; still not all there though.
  11. Vanderbilt - Covering the spread vs the Dawgs is a moral victory, at least!
  12. Ole Miss - They're plucky, but they still stink.
As expected, we only fell to fifth in the polls, and importantly, fourth in the BCS Standings (a spot ahead of the Sooners). IF we win out - and that's a huge IF - we have very decent odds of winding up in the national championship game. South Florida's only favored by 3 this week in a tough matchup at Rutgers, and BC will likely be an underdog next week in Blacksburg. Go Scarlet Knights, Go Hokies, and in a month, GO BLUE!! (Assuming Ohio State makes it through Penn State, Wisconsin, and Illinois unscathed.)

Back to the odds thing, once again this week Vegas is a big fan of ours, giving Auburn double digits against us. The way Auburn's defense is playing, and the way our offense is playing, it appears to me there's a less than 5% chance we cover that spread.

With it being Auburn week and all, I figured it's an appropriate time to harken back to last year's "I HATE AUBURN" Haiku extravaganza in these here parts. Feel free to submit your own, I'm still tapped out from that effort. Ok, maybe I'll come up with something later this week.

Of course, she's still as hot as she was last year.