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We're #1! And other assorted goodies.

As you've all heard by now, the AP has voted us #1 after our 34-9 victory over Tulane, in conjunction with USC's mere 3-point road win over a stout UW team. Anyway, it's been 50 years since a #1 LSU team has played a game (though we played ourselves into the #1 spot after the final game of the 2003 season).

My personal opinion is that, while the body of evidence year to date may indeed justify LSU ahead of USC, this past weekend's games alone certainly do not. By and large though, Tiger fans don't share my opinion.

More discussion in comments on an earlier post.

ESPN's Bruce Feldman thinks Tiger Stadium is the scariest place to play in college football. He mentions he surveyed coaches across the country, but I don't think this is an actual vote tally. Perhaps it is. Anyway, similar to a brand new #1 ranking, it's the sort of thing that makes me worry that it'll be temporary laid to rest this week. Especially considering the Gators have yet two lose consecutive games in Urban Meyer's tenure. Argh. I hate Auburn. (He does too.)

Despite the fact that Early Doucet is "iffy," the Tigers are favored by 8.5 against the Gators this week. We've managed to not cover the past two weeks, after covering in each of the first three. 8.5 though! Good Lord, that's high. Especially considering it's tough to argue with any of the following from Glenn Guilbeau:

The Tigers continue to have some pass protection problems, but it's not all on the offensive line. Flynn has some issues. He's not as mobile with his injured ankle, and he tends to wait too long to pull the trigger back there, which causes sacks. His favorite target and the receiver he knows best - Early Doucet - is out with a groin injury, but Flynn is missing too many open receivers and often throws some extremely ill-advised interceptions and near interceptions. LSU's receivers are also dropping too many passes that Flynn puts right there.

That said, I imagine we will see Mr. Ryan Perrilloux earlier and oftener this week.

That Florida Gator offense? See here for Cliff's Notes.