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LSU-Auburn Gameday Thread


LSU welcomes the Auburn Tigers to Baton Rouge tonight. Kickoff's at 8pm CT on ESPN. We're still favored by 10, with a 42.5 over/under, implying a final score expectation of 26-16.

If we put up 26 points on the Auburn defense, I will be stunned. South Florida did it. The only other team to get to 20 was New Mexico State, surprisingly enough, and they did it in the first half. Since those two games, which were back-to-back, the bad Tigers have held Florida, Vandy, and Arkansas to 17, 7, and 7 points respectively. That's 31 points TOTAL in their last three, two of which were on the road in pretty hostile environments. I'd say it'll be a tall task for us to come close to equaling that in one night, given the state of our passing game at present.

While my faith in this year's LSU team is by no means lost (that would be ridiculous), it is shaken a bit. I'm a lot less confident about this game than I was three weeks ago; but I'm a lot more confident about this game than I was in August. So be it.

My prediction: LSU 17, Auburn 10.