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Les Miles is catching all kinds of heat for going for the end zone with 10 seconds left instead of calling time out and kicking the field goal. The argument by everyone is that if the pass is incomplete, LSU would have lost. It's perfectly simple in its merits, yet wrong for all the reasons my couterpart wrote about below.

If you watch the replay, it's clear that Demetrius Byrd caught the ball with four seconds left and rolled over while the clock operator inexplicably let three more seconds run off the clock. Had the ball been batted down, there likely would have been at least two, maybe three seconds left. Granted, the previous play ended with 41 seconds left, so LSU probably should have been able to get the play off a few seconds earlier, but it didn't matter either way.

Thinking more logically about it, the call was brilliant because nobody expected LSU to run a play. Not the announcers, and Auburn clearly didn't have a defense called. The linebackers were in no-man's land, each corner was on an island with no safety help. It was the perfect play because if it falls incomplete, there still would have been at least one tick left for the field goal.

I don't know if this block on Glenn Dorsey was intentional, but it was certainly dirty. Props to TOmmy Tuberville for being a class act and apologizing.

After his career-high 319 yards and three touchdowns, including the dramatic game winner, Matt Flynn was named SEC Offensive Player of the Week. It's an impressive distinction considering Tim Tebow accounted for five touchdowns in a road win over No. 8 Kentucky, John Parker Wilson threw for more than 350 yards against Tennessee and Andre Woodson lit up Florida's defense.

LSU is on a bye week and it couldn't have come at a better time. The Tigers have played eight straight games, including bone-rattling slugfests each of the last three weeks. Between the Florida, Kentucky and Auburn games, this is a beat up LSU squad that will benefit greatly from a little time off. Time to do a little bit of healing.