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Mandel tabs us #1, Miles "enjoys the moment, Dorsey's injury, Tuberville and the squib

Stewart Mandel defies the undefeateds and lists us #1 on his power rankings. (Got a heads up from a reader on this, so hat tip to you, MW.)

Help me out here, because I don't really understand a damn word of this Les Miles bit at the end of this Glenn Guilbeau article today:

"I mean honest to God," Miles said. "You don't think before the play you don't enjoy the moment? No, I'm serious. I'm not sitting there saying that he (Flynn) is, you know, eating up the position. What I'm saying is, 'I'm prepared to take this snap to make one helluva play. This is going to be one exciting play.' Are you (expletive deleted) me? Do I want that time to elapse just without feel? I don't think so."

Oh, that Les Miles. He's positively Faulkner-esque!

Miles isn't quite ready to say that Glenn Dorsey will suit up for the Bama game. That article's more fresh than Glenn Guilbeau's Monday piece, titled "LSU expects Dorsey to play at Alabama." Fingers crossed.

Another reader mentions astutely that tot a whole lot has been discussed about Tuberville's decision to squib kick the ball on our final drive, giving us great field position at the 45 yard line. It's touched on a bit by Carl Dubois today towards the end of his article, noting that Miles thinks Tuberville saw flaws in our handling of their short kicks. So be it.

I don't really know if Auburn's special teams have been a problem this year or not, but the odds that Trindon Holliday took one back past the 45 seem to me to be pretty minimal. Perhaps that kick was designed to at least make it to the 20 or 25, and was just poorly executed. That said, Tuberville had to be aware of the possibility of a poorly executed some of the blame for that lies on him. At worst, kicking it deep but out of bounds would have still given us worse field position than we got, at the 35 rather than the 45.