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Talking Sense in Alabama

Don't look now, but someone in the state of Alabama is actually telling those obnoxious Alabama fans exactly how it is.

When LSU proves itself the best team in the division, the conference and the country with a road victory in the most emotional game of the year, someone is going to hand the LSU coach his hat.

It won't matter if it ends in regulation or three overtimes. It won't matter if it takes a gutsy/crazy touchdown pass on the last snap to finish it. It won't matter how it happens.

This is what's going to happen.

Someone is going to say LSU beat Nick Saban with Nick Saban's players.

Which means the Alabama coach is going to get credit for losing. And the LSU coach is going to get no credit for winning.

Ah, the "Saban's Players" argument rears its ugly head yet again. But, Scarbinski is right on, Alabama will take credit for anything they can get their hands on. But wait, there's more.

It's about time people tipped their hats to Miles. He lost offensive line coach Stacy Searels to Georgia after last season. He hired Greg Studrawa from Bowling Green to replace him.

LSU runs for more yards a game this year than last year.

Miles lost offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher to Florida State after last season. He hired Gary Crowton from Oregon to replace him.

LSU gains more yards and scores more points a game than last year. Without the No. 1 NFL draft pick at quarterback.

Saban's LSU players, in their last 34 starts with Saban as their coach, won 26 games and lost 8. "Saban's players," in their first 34 starts with Miles as their coach, have won 29 games and lost 5.

I particularly like the final paragraph there, as it's something I've said many times. Saban did a very good job at LSU, but he also had at least three losses in four of his five seasons, finishing in the top ten just once. Miles has finished in the top five both seasons so far and appears primed for a third straight.