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From the Sunshine State

Starting safety and team captain Tony Joiner's playing status for Saturday night is still up in the air after he was arrested on Tuesday.

"I'm still evaluating that whole deal," Meyer said after practice. "I don't know the whole story yet. I'm still getting information like a lot of people are. I'm not going to make any more comments until I know more. It's just not fair to everybody involved.

"Like a lot of people, I don't know yet (what happened). I'm going to find out pretty soon. I'll probably know something in the next few hours."

In the meantime, Meyer said Joiner will not participate in any team activities.

"Until I find out everything, he won't do anything," Meyer said.

Um, if you think Florida will let its already porous pass defense go without its leader against No. 1, you're out of your mind. He'll play.

Top receiver Andre Caldwell, who Florida beat out LSU to get in recruiting, is still taking it slow with a sprained knee. His loss would be a big one for the Gators because he is their biggest playmaker as a true receiver. Everything besides the "coach speak" coming from Urban Meyer points to Caldwell playing.

The Orlando Sentinel notes how freshman safety Major Wright has gained the attention of LSU coach Les Miles.

Urban Meyer is buckling down, which begs the question, what was he doing all offseason  and September?