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SEC Power Poll

  1. LSU - Battle of the Century just got a little more interesting with Perrilloux likely out. Good job fella!
  2. Georgia - Ask Richard, since I didn't post it, my first power poll of the season said "Where the hell did Knowshon Moreno come from?" So yes, I know all!
  3. Alabama - A win this week vs LSU and we Baton Rouge types may never live it down; could well send the Tide to Atlanta.
  4. Auburn - So wait, why is the 3-loss Auburn team ranked below the 3-loss Florid team they beat? Ahh, whatever.
  5. Florida - Guess the spread offense doesn't matter much when Nick Saban's niece could run for 200 on that D.
  6. Tennessee - They controlled their own destiny a few weeks ago, let it all slip away, and are back to controlling their own destiny again after almost letting it all slip away mid-game. What a ridiculous year.
  7. South Carolina - That kick was not very good.
  8. Mississippi State - You know, it's great to see Croom put together such a respectable season after all. Not bad, my good man.
  9. Kentucky - Nothing like crapping the bed in consecutive weeks after knocking off the #1 team in the land.
  10. Arkansas - A decent finish during brutal final stretch (vs South Carolina, @ Tennessee, vs Mississippi State, and @ LSU) could actually make this season respectable. Or ensure Nutt's spot in line at the employment office.
  11. Vanderbilt - By God, they're a game and a half outta first!!!!
  12. Ole Miss - Too bad La Tech can't come to town every week.