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Dorsey's back, More Perrilloux, More Miles and Saban, etc.

After sitting out for a week, Glenn Dorsey is back practicing. Evidently he's still not 100%. Hopefully Nick Saban doesn't "not teach" the same methods Tommy Tuberville claims to "not teach."

And despite Ryan Perrilloux's [edit: ATTORNEY'S] attestations to the contrary, a police report paints RP as "the most confrontational inside the bar." I'd say a 5% chance he suits up Saturday is a stretch.

Today's CFN Question: "You pick: LSU vs Ohio State." Pete Fiutak thinks our D is nowhere near as good as the hype. I think Fiutak, as good a writer as he is, hasn't been tracking that hype the last three weeks; fact is, there's no "hype" anymore. Until Ohio State handled Penn State this week, I'd have thought he was crazy to pick OSU, but now I don't think it's at all a stretch to think they win if we meet.

Matt Zemek, picking LSU, says that OSU's defense is far better than anything Kentucky or Florida put up against us, but he's forgetting that Auburn and Va Tech are light years superior to either of those two, and perhaps as good as Ohio State. Zemek also makes the point that the New Orleans crowd would make a huge difference for us, and I'd have to think that's true. In 2003 (or January 2004 to be exact), it didn't really matter because the Sooner fans had been buying tickets from early October on, seeing as the whole world had begun debating whether that Sooner team was the Best Team Ever, so the stadium was fairly full of OU fans, enough so that it was almost - but not quite - even. This year, there's less chance of that occurring.

Hopefully like 2003, a Michigan win over Ohio State (I was there!) can help propel us to the BCS title game.

We're going to be doing a Q&A later this week with our fellow SBN bloggers at Roll Bama Roll. Today they've got up a post rounding up lots of Miles and Saban talk around the Internets. FanHouse has a post (RBR links to it, head over there for the summary) which takes my co-writer to task a bit for buying into the argument that it's mostly the Bama types who claim that Miles is winning with Saban's players. Generally a favorable article, though this part surprised me:

Whether Miles is the kind of second-tier coach that is worth keeping -- that is, one who recruits well enough to overcome his coaching deficiencies -- is yet to be seen. Miles will have a tough time keeping the talent levels up, and it wouldn't be shocking to see LSU start to slide a little bit from out-and-out dominance of the SEC West to a "mere" perennial contender for a trip to Atlanta.

Last I checked, Miles' recruiting classes have been(1) damn good (2), by just about any standard.

Presently, College Football Live is on ESPN (no link, sorry), and they're all over this Miles and Saban thing right from the intro. John Saunders: "Nick Saban just trying to sound like Rodney King saying 'Can't we all just get along?'...I don't that's going to happen, the folks in Baton Rouge have big memories!"

Aww, come on guys. I don't hate Nick Saban! He won us the national title.