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LSU-Florida Preview

Via the best in the business,

What Will Happen: It's not going to be the prettiest game. LSU has its flaws, with the offensive line about to be in for a bad day against the Gator defensive front, but this is still Death Valley. The arrest of Florida defensive back Tony Joiner this week isn't going to help the average UF secondary, while the offense will bog down way too often with a lack of help from the running backs. LSU will win, but everyone will start to question just how good the team really is compared to USC.
CFN Prediction: LSU 17 ... Florida 10 ... Line: LSU -9

A take from Scouts, Inc., writing for ESPN Insider (subscription required):

LSU has more to lose as the nation's top-ranked team, so don't be shocked if a loose Florida team jumps out to an early lead. The Tigers' superior talent will take over eventually, though. Pelini's defense has enough speed and depth to keep Tebow under wraps -- comparatively speaking, of course. LSU's balanced offensive attack will eventually wear Florida's defense down and exploit its overall inexperience in a hostile environment.
Prediction: Tigers 28, Gators 20

The AP full preview is available via Since it's the AP, there's no prediction.

The SEC Seer has his picks in the Baton Rouge Advocate, including a 17-10 LSU victory.