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Playing Updates

There's a number of players status for the game up in the air that could affect the outcome. For Florida, it appears wide receiver Bubba Caldwell will play, but things aren't looking so good for safety and former team captain Tony Joiner. Joiner was arrested earlier this week and has been charged with felony burglary.

The word felony is out there -- certainly if he's charged with a felony then absolutely not," [Urban] Meyer said of the possibility of Joiner playing. "We have a set of core values we have on the University of Florida football team, and if you break a core value in the last three years you don't play.

The state attorney has said it could be up to 30 days before deciding whether to prosecute, which is terrible news for the Gators. Even if Joiner is innocent and cleared, he could very likely miss Saturday.

Meanwhile, Rece Davis reported on College Football Live today that Early Doucet will not be playing for LSU. I have to say I figured that would be the case, but was still hopeful earlier in the week he would be able to tough it out. But, better safe than sorry, especially with a player who stands to make a lot of money next year.

In good news, Mike VI will lead the charge for LSU for the first time in Tiger Stadium.