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LSU-Florida Notes: Previews, podcasts, hottest ticket ever, etc.

The spread has come in to 7. Zounds! 60% chance of rain, no Doucet, they get Joiner back, and we still look better by a touchdown to Vegas.

My 100-word preview is up over at The Wizard of Odds. Orson of EDSBS is my combatant, and he went over the word limit. I win! Even though I used his werewolf reference. Booyakasha.

Also, I did a brief interview on the Porcupine Radio Network in advance of this week's game. The mp3 podcast, which also includes OU-Texas commentary from our SBN blogs Burnt Orange Nation and Crimson and Cream Machine, can be found here.

Hottest regular season ticket in LSU history: just call it "capitalism at work". Makes sense, given it's our first week as AP #1 in a half century. Regardless of how we and Bama are ranked next year, I'm curious how their 2008 visit will compare. (My guess is it'll probably be more hype than $$$ demand for tickets.) Anyway, the article's value is in the cops admitting that they've got no way to prove you're violating the law if you pay $400 for a beanie baby and free tickets, since pure scalping is illegal in Louisiana. Awesome.

No link, but at halftime of tonight's Utah-Louisville game, Lou Holtz made his pick for tomorrow, and drum roll please....he took Florida. I was not remotely surprised. Neither was any LSU fan in the country.

I'm the last guy on earth to go around slinging the "bias" accusation (I've done it before with Musberger, that's about it...and don't confuse me with my co-writer PurpleReign!), but Holtz is predictably anti-LSU every week. I have a lot of respect for Holtz the coach, none for Holtz the studio analyst. His game pick typically carries nary a smidgeon of common sense. He likely has a very anti-Miles bent, which would give him plenty of company, but best I can tell he hasn't actually come out and admitted that. Man up, little guy! The predictability wears thin.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess as to his call for next week, when asked to pick LSU-UK. We could beat Florida by forty this week, and his call will be at best "L-ETH-U but I WOULDN'T BE THURPRITHED IF KENTUCKY MOVES THE BALL ALL OVER THE PLATHE. LSU WATH EXPOTHED ON THAT LATH DRIVE BY FLORIDA'S BACKUPTH, AND YOU BET ANDRE' WOODTHON WILL FIGGER IT OUT."

For Christ's sake, granny, it's okay to say something nice about the LSU Tigers. Our defense really is good. Watch it sometime. We're #1 in the country. True story!!

Notre Dame can thtill make a bowl. NEVER DOUBT!