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Is this heaven? Nah, it's Baton Rouge...

Back from Louisiana, and I'm spent. Any game that even enters the discussion of loudest ever at Tiger Stadium becomes an instant classic. Aside from the fact that we're more or less the unanimous #1 (Ohio State got 2 votes from the Coaches), we learned that:

  • Tim Tebow is a beast.

  • Our defense can adjust.

  • Jacob Hester is a warrior. (Haven't watched the broadcast but I gather Verne said that.)

  • It would be nice to have Early Doucet back.

  • We tend to play well when the opposition stomps on the Eye of the Tiger at midfield.

  • Les Miles is A-OK.

Not much else to say, as the view from Tiger Stadium is pretty sweet!

Also, THIS from SMQ:

If we're meant to embrace the random, democratic insurgency of the put-upon proletariat, LSU-Florida embodied everything we should expect of monolithic powers emptying their arsenals on a grand scale.

I barely know what it means, but it sounds great!

Back with more later.