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It's Over ... Finally

Well, this has gone back and forth all week, but it's finally settled:

This incident it appears is winding down," Miles said. "Our involvement is not to be condoned. There are a number of people at fault here including our guys and their judgment. How that will translate is this. Two guys, Derrick Odom and Jeremy Benton, will no longer be on the team. Ryan Perrilloux will not play in the Alabama game. That's how it's shaken out.

Beyond that time, Ryan will be back as we prepare for our remainder of the season. That is how this thing has ended, and I want to go forward from here.

1) Good for Les, standing up for discipline and benching a key player in a monster game. 2) Now we can finally stop talking about The Varsity and start talking about Nick Saban. Just kidding. I think that's the most overblown storyline ever. If I hear another word about it, I might blow a gasket.