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Ole Miss spread a little high, SEC Power Poll, etc.

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We are 18 point favorites at Ole Miss this week. Bless their hearts, they're just looking to ruin other people's seasons. In all honesty, after flying down to BR last year for the Ole Miss game fully expecting a breather and instead getting a game we for all intents and purposes should have lost, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Ole Miss kept it close. They've been a bit off and on this season at home, but came awfully close to knocking off both Florida and Alabama in Oxford. So I'm not saying we shouldn't be favored by 18, I'm just saying we shouldn't be favored by 18. Right.

That said, last time this year we traveled up to Mississippi in a game we were favored by 17, we wound up winning by 45. I can't recall a single week this year in which I've thought we'd cover the spread. Maybe -40 vs MTSU?

Is it just me? Do you guys constantly feel like Vegas is giving us too much credit? I know we covered the 36 by a mile this past week - but it took some fortunate first half Tech miscues and a legit second half flurry for us to do it.

One sportswriter in Tacoma is VEWY ANGWY at the prospect of LSU making the title game. Evidently we haven't played anyone this year. Gosh darn that stupid media bias, always putting those garbage SEC teams at the top! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

Forget that Sagarin rates our schedule 19th, a mere 7 spots behind Oregon's. It's also 8 spots ahead of Arizona State and 22 ahead of USC, the next two best teams in the Pac 10. Sportsline pegs our schedule 15th toughest in the country, and Oregon's at 3rd. ASU's at 50 and USC a whopping 85th.

Oregon's schedule has been solid. But it's not like we haven't played anyone. Please get that out of your heads, idiots.

Ok, carry on.

Life is good and we're getting recruits. One hopes it can last longer than a week this time.

Hectic workload this week's got me a bit spotty on blogging, but here is my SEC Power Poll, which as always is faithfully compiled by Garnet and Black Attack:

  1. LSU - In 2007, it just takes a month to come full circle on #1.
  2. Georgia - Many of the LSU faithful are trembling at the possibility of facing Knowshon & Co in Atlanta. Wonder if Mark Richt would have a Bulldog eat a (baby) Tiger in order to get his team fired up?
  3. Florida - At the very least, it'll be interesting to see if Tim Tebow can win the Heisman as a sophomore on a 3-loss team. He ought to roll up 10 TDs minimum this week against Florida Atlantic.
  4. Tennessee - You zig, they zag. You zag, they zig. Perhaps Peyton Manning et al should take out a full page ad defending Fat Phil every week?
  5. Auburn - Zounds, what happened to that defense?
  6. Mississippi State - Once again, it's just pleasant to see Sylvester Croom finally having a respectable year. Onwards to Shreveport for the Indy Bowl, boys!
  7. Alabama - A very real risk they finish below Moo State in the SEC West.
  8. Kentucky - Not the most remarkable effort last week vs Vandy, and will need to be much stronger than that to be respectable at UGA this week.
  9. South Carolina - At least Bye Week won't be able to hang half a hundy on the Ole Ball Coach!
  10. Arkansas - Just when you think they've got it all figured out, they go and put on a performace like that...AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES. As idiots.
  11. Vanderbilt - Well Vandy, you'll have some big fans in Gainesville and Athens this week.
  12. Ole Miss - How many people would be all that surprised if they actually beat LSU this week? Welcome to NCAA Football, circa 2007.