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National title debate, Glenn Dorsey for Heisman!

Lots of national title possibility discussion over at CFN. Go here and here. The consensus seems to be that if we win out we're in, regardless of what else happens.

IF we make it through Ole Miss and Arkansas unblemished and Tennessee handles its business against Kentucky and Vanderbilt, it'll be memories of 2001 all over again - only this time the shoe's on the other foot. Recall, in that year, Tennessee came in to the SEC Title game with just one loss and aspirations of a BCS Title game appearance (other than undefeated Miami, Oregon had just one loss, and ultimate title game doormat Nebraska also had just one loss at that point, having given up 62 points in an epic puke at Colorado). Our win over UT dashed those hopes for the Vols, and you know they'll be looking to return the favor six years later.

Got this week's ESPN the Magazine (the college hoops preview issue), and there's a great article by Bruce Feldman on 72 reasons Glenn Dorsey should win the Heisman. If you can get your hands on a copy, read it.

I'll likely be spotty on the posting this week, got some work travel to handle. Hopefully I can find a spot to log in from during the game on Saturday.