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SEC Power Poll, Les Miles talk

Many apologies for not posting, the work travel schedule had me away all weekend, but figured I'd post my SEC Power Poll (compiled by Garnet and Black Attack):

  1. LSU - Nutt's last game? D-Mac with one last Heisman push? Don't believe the 12-point spread; all signs point towards this one being another LSU nailbiter.
  2. Georgia - No doubt it's their own fault that their SEC Title hopes rested in Vandy's hands last week, but what a gut wrenching way to have to wait it all out again in another week, this time rooting for Kentucky.
  3. Florida - Other than the loss to Auburn, they've scored 49 in every home game this year.
  4. Auburn - Miles to Michigan, Tuberville thinking "Screw College Station, gimme Baton Rouge"??
  5. Tennessee - Given the way their season started, they've put together a pretty impressive string in winning 7 of 8, even if they needed Lady Luck to beat Vandy.
  6. Arkansas - You know, other than one blowout loss to Tennessee, they're awfully close to being undefeated in all their other games. Once again, that 12-point spread at LSU is just too high.
  7. Mississippi State - A lot of folks, us included, will be happy for Sly Croom if he gets this team their 7th win of the season against Ole Miss.
  8. Kentucky - Still has the firepower to ruin Tennessee's season this weekend. Regardless, they'll be off to their best bowl in years.
  9. South Carolina - After a 6-1 start, it's bizarre to think that a win against Clemson is necessary to secure that bowl berth. And even then, it'll be something on par with Shreveport.
  10. Alabama - That chuckling sound is NOT coming from Baton Rouge. No how, no way.
  11. Vanderbilt - Now THAT would have been a signature win. Always seems like "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" for the Commodores.
  12. Ole Miss - "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" would be a step UP for the Rebs, though they have a silver lining for next year in QB Brent Schaeffer (charter member of the "I can't believe he's not white" department; don't blame me, blame The Sports Guy).
Lest you think we're forgetting to address the Miles to Michigan stuff, I just don't have anything to say. It seems clear as day to me that the man is going to go if he's offered the job. It's not hard to find speculation, and Carl Dubois is trying to tell everyone we've known this for years, which is dead on. Whether this all happens before the SEC Title game or potentially the national championship game, who the hell knows? Wasting time speculating and posting rumors is useless, in my opinion. We've had a great season. Let's rip the Hogs.