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LSU - Arkansas Gameday Open Thread


The Arkansas Razorbacks present the last obstacle for the #1 Tigers to overcome before heading to Atlanta for the SEC Title game. Kickoff's at 1:30 CT in Baton Rouge.

Don't believe that 13 point spread; this is likely Houston Nutt's last game, and it's Darren McFadden's last chance to make a push for the Heisman trophy before almost certainly moving on to NFL riches. Beyond that, Les Miles has undoubtedly had a world of emotions swimming through his head all week in the wake of Lloyd Carr's announced departure from Michigan. It's no small distraction, and the pressure's on Miles as the world watches to see if he can keep his team focused in the midst of those rumors. I happen to think Coach Miles has handled the discussion impeccably well.

On that note, regardless of how this team finishes the year, at this stage Les has led the Tigers to 10 wins for three straight years - an LSU first - and that alone is worthy of high praise, regardless of Nick Saban's having stacked the talent cupboards prior to Miles' arrival. Many coaches have accomplished far less with plenty of talent themselves (look no further than Ann Arbor this year, in fact).

Things I'd like to see today:

  • Reasonable defensive containment of the Hogs' running game, given they have zero passing game for us to respect. By reasonable, I mean I'm okay with our giving up 100 yards to McFadden. 300 yards to whatever combination of Jones and McFadden, though, and we're toast.

  • How about Ryan Perrilloux getting some snaps earlier? I haven't been able to read everything coming out of Baton Rouge this past week and a half, so I'm not sure why we aren't seeing him until mop up duty. Gary Danielson seemed to think it was Flynn's ankle being 100%.

  • Glenn Dorsey, Jacob Hester, and Early Doucet to shine in their last games at Tiger Stadium.