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LSU-Alabama Gameday Open Thread


LSU travels to Tuscaloosa today to face Alabama. Kickoff's at 5pm ET, and the winner gets a a huge leg up in the SEC West race - with only two SEC games remaining for each team, the loser would essentially have to hope the winner loses out in order to wrest the crown away. The Vegas market has us by seven with a 48 over/under, implying a final score expectation in the 27-20 range.

We've got a 15 game winning streak in November, for whatever that's worth. Meanwhile, John Parker Wilson is coming off a 32-46-363-3-0 performance against Tennessee two weeks ago, hitting DJ Hall 13 times for 185 yards in the process. In a squeaker vs Ole Miss the week before, Hall hauled in 11 passes for 140 yards. He's clearly on a roll, and we'll clearly have our hands full containing him today.

Things I'm looking (in some cases just hoping) for, and feel free to chime in with your own expectations below:

  • Coming off the bye week, we will not come out flat for what would be the fourth week in a row.

  • Flynn will demonstrate that RP isn't the only Tiger QB with legs. A couple more 3rd-and-long running conversions will hammer that point home.

  • We won't hold DJ Hall to under 100 yards, but will keep Terry Grant wrapped up, under 4 ypc.

  • Defense comes out aggressive from the get-go with more blitzing than we've seen early the past few weeks

PREDICTION: LSU 24, Bama 23.