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Was Miles really outcoached? Caddell's non-catch, SEC Power Poll

Best line EVER from Glenn Guilbeau, regarding the individual players who committed boneheaded penalties or plays at Alabama:

Geez. Stewart, Jackson, Flynn and Hester are all Saban signees. As soon as Miles gets all his own players in here, this team is going to really take off. Just kidding.


Can someone please tell me exactly what Nick Saban did to justify his allegedly having "outcoached" Les Miles, though? I'm just curious. I'm not going to argue that Miles is a better coach. I'm not going to argue that Miles isn't responsible for the team's lack of discipline on Saturday. I'm just of the opinion that Alabama was the beneficiary of a number of gift-wrapped LSU mistakes, and didn't really have to do much to capitalize upon them (and, in fact, didn't capitalize upon them nearly as much as they should have). Was it "work ethic" instilled by Saban? (Incidentally, on that link, I love how our fellow Bama bloggers think we're 4th best in the SEC, behind two teams we beat, one by 45 points. Talk about allowing one performance - a victory, at that - to overrule an entire season's worth of work.) Was it the playcalling after the big penalties that led to TDs? Was it the defensive schemes that rattled Matt Flynn? I chalk the latter up more to Flynn's making a number of dumb mistakes. I don't think Saban had anything to do with that INT inside our own 5 yard line, for instance. Flynn just doesn't know how to throw a ball away.

Honestly curious: did Saban DO anything, or is the entire world making a judgment based on Les Miles' team having had one subpar outing? (Yes, I know we lead the SEC in penalties; don't ANYONE try to argue that our Saban teams didn't commit loads of dumb penalties at times.)

Curious, dear readers, for your thoughts.

Bama fans are fuming about the reviews during the game that reversed a number of calls, notably a Caddell catch ("happened right in front of us, and he got it") deep down the sideline that would have put the Tide in scoring position. Hat tip to poster LSUStjames on for this:

Click for larger image. Think it's photoshopped? Picture courtesy Anniston Star...go to #23/31.

Catch? Don't think so. Good overturn.

In general, I like OutsideTheSidelines' writing at RollBamaRoll, but this is the whiniest piece of nonsense I've read in quite awhile. Caddell caught it, officiating was bad, LSU is not great, Florida gave them the game - for Christ's sake, after that Florida game the whole WORLD was talking about what guts LSU had in making that comeback. We got a couple turnovers late, but we still had to convert five friggin fourth downs to do it. Mais non, OTS, we EARNED that win. We have not dominated anyone since then in the way that we did to Va Tech. So be it. I think it's pretty tough to demand that we do that to Florida and Auburn and Alabama. Florida, for one, could make an argument that it's the 2nd or 3rd most talented team in the country. Auburn's defense was playing as good as anyone's in the country, save perhaps Ohio State, when we met them.

We underachieved against Bama. We should never have had a problem winning. We didn't need to beat them by six touchdowns, but we built the 17-3 lead on the strength of a great opening effort, then faltered. We do need to get it together in order to win out. But for God's sake, we've accomplished quite a bit. We've just gone through a gauntlet and emerged relatively unscathed, which almost NO other teams in the country could say after such a stretch. EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE SEC has two conference losses, going through similar gut-blasting games as we have. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH ONE LOSS. This is the status quo.

His Crimson-colored glasses are massively affecting his objectivity in the aftermath of this loss. So be it. There's a little homer in everyone; I don't know that I'd be any different. I'm sure we've had some luck, but as the Roman philosopher Seneca allegedly said, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." Indeed.

My SEC Power Poll for this week (votes compiled, as always, by Garnet and Black Attack):

  1. LSU - Those stupid mistakes were all made by SABAN'S recruits.
  2. Georgia - Get a mulligan vs Troy; looks like they've learned to give Moreno the ball lots and lots. Just in time for Auburn.
  3. Florida - Well, at least that defense can stop Vanderbilt.
  4. Alabama - The future is bright for the Tide. Dammit.
  5. Auburn - Tuberville already smelling College Station? Or gasp - Baton Rouge?
  6. Tennessee - I shudder to think what McFadden and Jones will do to that defense this weekend.
  7. Arkansas - Hitting their stride at the right time; could spoil a lot of folks' seasons, starting with Tennessee this weekend.
  8. Mississippi State - Could they beat a second straight ranked opponent in the form of the Tide this weekend?
  9. Kentucky - Vandy's presence on the schedule makes a 5-straight loss finish rather unlikely.
  10. South Carolina - Didn't see footage of that shredding by Arkansas, but there's got to be some quality footage somewhere on the internet of the Ole Ball Coach's face this past weekend.
  11. Vanderbilt - Bowl eligibility still not out of the question for the Commies!
  12. Ole Miss - Sometimes you get the feeling they'll be looking up from here for a long, lonnnnnnng time.