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Early Bird Catches the Worm

Okay, apparently our offense is sooo much worse than Oregon's. Granted Dennis Dixon has been sick this year and can hide a football between his hip pads, but I have to say, I think LSU can hang. Unfortunately, it's sad to say my argument rides on one player, Early Doucet. No worries for the future though, wait til next year when Keiland Williams and Charles Scott are splitting 25 carries a game. That weird feeling you have is NFL scouts drooling on your computer screen over the thought.

But, back to this year's offense: This year, LSU averages 41.0 points when Doucet plays (no, the Kentucky game doesn't count), compared to 34.2 without him. Meanwhile, the "mighty" Ducks average 42.8 points per game. I could barely type this as I was shaking in my boots.