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And we're in!

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Not all the rankings have been released, but with the Coaches ranking us 2nd, it's as good as done - after all the drama over the past couple weeks, LSU will be playing Ohio State for the national title. There are no media reports yet, I just direct you to one very knowledgeable fella on the Tiger message boards. Essentially, the math works out such that we'd need to drop to around 10th in the yet-to-be-released Harris Poll in order to miss out. This, as you know, is not likely.

Meanwhile, it looks like we'll be facing off with Ohio State minus Bo Pelini - Nebraska's called a press conference for 4pm Central today. Head over to Corn Nation for their take on the matter.

Now for some random hilarity: Paul Westerdawg from the excellent Georgia Sports Blog is sending Dave Wannstedt a fruit basket after Pitt knocked off West Virginia. Georgia still harbored some feeble national title hopes, but at the very least now, they'll likely get a not bad consolation prize similar to ours last year - a berth in the Sugar Bowl.