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I heart President's Day weekend

Man, President's Day weekend is one of those I never even knew existed as a long weekend until I reached the real world. And I love it. Relaxation amidst a pretty awful basketball season and a weekend in which the baseball team lost 2 of 3 to the Stetson Hatters.  I was trying to find the history of the Hatters, notably hoping the mascot had something to do with one Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter, but alas, it's not the case. But imagine the fun Carroll would have had could he turn a baseball diamond into his own little Wonderland. But I digress. Baseball got back on track tonight with a win over Northwestern State. Louis Coleman did a great job bouncing back from an awful start in his first outing, finishing tonight giving up 1 run on 5 hits through six.

"It's not till the Tyrus is out that you learn who's swimming naked." - Warren Buffett.

Well, actually, Warren said "tide" instead of Tyrus, but Tyrus is gone, as is Darrell Mitchell, and this basketball season has become a disaster of epic proportions. #4 preseason? We've been swimming naked. Good thing John Brady has his wife to feed him and keep him afloat. There's just nothing good that can be said of the effort this team has put in most of this SEC season. At least they led at the half at Kentucky, without Big Baby. Yeesh.

As S notes, what the hell is Dandy Don going to do now that the Tiger football team has a WR coach? (I guess spring football's only five days away...but that's 120 whole hours. That's 71% of how long it took God to create the planet! And all the animals, and Tivo.) Alas, D.J. McCarthy is not Jerry Rice, but it'll do pig, it'll do. In fact, I get the feeling it'll do even better.

You know what's missing around these parts? More discussion of how coaches shouldn't use "the 'F' word" (direct quote, how's that for journalism?) or "the 'A' word" (Alabama? Aardvark?). Don't be sorry, Les. Be proud. "Inappropriate remark" my ass.

Oh, our gymnasts are Number 9!

Ramses, meanwhile, is Number One!

Around the SEC blogosphere:

  • They're talking about high school cheerleaders at Roll Bama Roll. Tsk, tsk! (Oh yes, a TSK can be emphasized with an exclamation point. And if you don't know, now you know, readers.)

  • As always, Kyle eloquently tackles the Jim Delany nonsense, among other things, and vicious battle ensues with Big 10 blogger types. Also, scroll down a bit for his ongoing dissertation tete-a-tete with SMQ on the merits of a playoff system.

  • Hell, even EDSBS is chiming in on the whole Les curse-word thing.

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