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Spring football began today. Not sure who's going to wind up being the starting halfback next year, but odds on favorite to NOT be the man for the job is undoubtedly Alley Broussard. From that article I'm also reminded to give thanks for Glenn Dorsey's injured foot, as that's what's got him coming back to us next year. And the thought that he wasn't 100% all last year...dear God, that's just mind-boggling. Meanwhile, from the tidbit here, it seems like everything's normal for now with Ryan Perrilloux, so we got ourselves a good old fashioned QB battle this offseason. I don't know how much of a "battle" it really is, but given past history (i.e. JaMarcus' seemingly having been far ahead of the others and Miles still not committing till just before the season), I'm not putting it past Miles to start giving signals eventually that it's closer than it looks. For now, the reins are clearly in Flynn's hands. I think the development I'll be most interested in watching is that of our linebacking corps, which is returning all three starters from last year (Highsmith, Sanders, and Beckwith). With a year together under their belt, odds aren't trivial that they could develop into a dominant force this year. PELINI! Make it so.

Darry Beckwith, monster. (Courtesy The Reveille)

For a great take on LSU's new WR coach DJ McCarthy (formerly of UCLA), check out this discussion over on Bruins Nation, the most informative UCLA site out there. Notice I said "site" and not "blog," which it is in name only...just a great site for all things UCLA so there's some solid input there. In general, seems like they're not particularly sure why we shelled out the cash for McCarthy.

Thank God spring is's season is getting to be a drag, even if we did beat the defending national champs. Little solace given the disaster this season's become, but kudos to the guys for getting it together in a game in which, sans Glen Davis, they were supposed to get shellacked. Anyway, I'm moving on to baseball. We took two of three from Central Florida over the weekend, taking our season record to a solid 7-3. By the way, Todd at Roll Bama Roll has a great recap of the SEC's week in baseball. Check it out. Corn Nation is doing the same for the Big 12. Good stuff for you baseball types.

Oh, and tip of the hat to the Lady Tigers, who ran of a streak of 38 points between Alabama field goals in thumping the Tide 70-27 on Sunday.