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Do it for the kids, Joe! And Chad! And Terrance!

Ehh, good thing there's stuff to keep us distracted from basketball. Big recruiting news over the past couple days as both Sidell Corley and Stefoin Francois committed to the Tigers, adding two more 4-star names to the list. The 2007 LSU class now sits at fourth on's list and fifth on Rivals. With five-star recruits Joe McKnight, Terrance Toliver, and Chad Jones all set to announce their decisions on Wednesday (official announcement times here, it could very well wind up being another recruiting title for the Tigers, and would take away at least a weeee bit more of the hate away from ole Les Miles. While our class would be solid without any of those three, I'd be disappointed if at least one of them (and hopefully two) didn't sign with the purple and gold. And meanwhile, God bless us Tiger fans - tracking the LSU private jet on its way to Houston this past weekend.

Lately CFN has put together an interesting rundown of recruiting booms and busts from 2002 (Offense, Defense)and 2003 (Offense, Defense). Not a single "Boom", though I suppose it's difficult to wind up with booms when it's largely 3,4, and 5-star players you're recruiting. Anyway, OL Garrett Wibel was the only one to make the list for 2002, while RB Barrington Edwards, WR Amp Hill, OL Jerry Sevin, S Daryl Johnson, and DE Tim Washington all made the list for 2003 (which is interesting, given that the 2003 class was ranked #1 in the country by Rivals and #2 by Scout).

Go on over to Stampede Blue for the Colts lovefest. They looooove that former Tiger Joe Addai. And he delivered yesterday. We'll just forget about the fumble, that was a botched assignment and he was tackled before he even got the handoff. At least in my head, he was.

That whole Final Four deal last year, that was cool. This year, we'd be lucky to be one of the Last Four into the NIT after the Mississippi State loss. I...I...I got nothing.