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Preseason Top 25: 1. LSU, 2. Field

As I mentioned yesterday, I'd be giddy if we got at least one of the two remaining high-ranked recruits, and we did: five star safety Chad Jones is now a Tiger, capping off one of the best Tiger recruting classes ever (4th Rivals, 2nd Scout). Unfortunately, John Curtis RB Joe McKnight decided to take his career on to USC, and I wish him the best of luck with that. Given the RB history there (OJ, Anthony Davis, Marcus Allen, Reggie Bush, just to name a few), and the sheer juggernaut that program's been the past few years, one can't blame him at all. Now here's hoping we kick SC's ass in the Sugar Bowl next year with Joe watching tearfully on the other sideline! No hard feelings, though - it's just sports. And now that I think of it, an offseason with no running back controversy would be spectacular.

And now we ride this guy's legs all the way to the BCS title.

Reason #1,086,715 why Shreveport Times LSU columnist Glenn Guilbeau will never reach the upper echelons of sportswriting: extrapolating to an entire fan base the heated rants of a few talk radio callers, on a signing day in which we lost an in-state recruit to USC. Note to Glenn: try setting foot outside Louisiana sometime, genius. LSU fans calling in to talk radio in Baton Rouge don't sound a whole hell of a lot different than Washington Husky fans in Seattle (where I lived for four years) or Niners fans in San Francisco (where I lived for a summer) or Cowboys fans in Dallas (where I lived for a summer) or any fans in New York (where I lived for a fall) or Red Sox fans in Boston (where I've never lived, but come on, indulge me through a Sports Guy column or two here - everyone knows how fickle Sox fans are). It's sheer idiocy on Guilbeau's part and it's just plain amateurish sportswriting. Glenn, you are NOT the only Tiger fan dignified enough to wish Joe McKnight good luck in his endeavors at USC. Get over your damn self, and may a torrent of objectivity thusly whack you upside the head like a frying pan.

Sure, some are taller, but in the end all shall bow down to this man:

...for he has just plain kicked ass since he got here, under no shortage of pressure. 22-4, two ridiculously dominant bowl game wins - one of which was a BCS game, and yet another banner recruiting class. Kudos, Les Miles.