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Women's Basketball Coaching Search

LSU has stated they won't begin a search for the next head coach until after the NCAA Tournament, but that won't stop anyone from speculating. The first -- and clearly most obvious -- choice for a replacement is Kim Mulkey at Baylor. The national championship winning coach has built Baylor from the ground up into a national power. As a Tickfaw native, you have to think she'd be intrigued by becoming the head coach at LSU. However, as a former Louisiana Tech player, her feelings towards the state's flagship institution might not be strong enough to tear her away. Either way, LSU would be incredibly stupid not to offer her the keys to the city to get her. As for Mulkey, she typically sidestepped the situation without denying anything on Friday.

"I am so focused on trying to win the next ballgame, I don't have an opinion on any of those jobs," she said. "I know there'll be more jobs that come open. Anybody that has built a program, it goes without saying that any job opening, your name is going to be attached to it.

"In any business when job openings come up, there's speculation, there's things to write about. Who's connected, who lived where. It's just part of the profession."

I asked Mulkey if she was surprised by the three openings in the same season in the powerful SEC.

"I've been in this business since I was 18 years old, and nothing surprises me anymore," she said. "Nothing in life surprises me anymore."

What about the idea of "going home" to the state of Louisiana?

"I just don't even think making a comment about any of the job openings is appropriate," Mulkey said. "Baylor treats me great. We are a top-25 team. I get paid great at Baylor. [LSU] is nothing more than another job that is open."

The other name that will be floated prominently is Kristy Curry, also a Louisiana native. There was a time when many believed she would be the heir apparent to Sue Gunter. But that was before Gunter became ill and Pokey Chatman led the Lady Tigers on an improbable run to their first Final Four. At that point, there was no way Chatman wasn't getting the job.

I've never been sold on Curry as the person who can keep a program consistently in the top 10. She's a good coach, but Mulkey is much better. As a side note, she's only been at Texas Tech one year, so leaving probably isn't high on her priority list.

Either way, current acting head coach Bob Starkey doesn't want the job.

"No, I would not," he said, when asked if he had any desire to replace Chatman. "I'm an assistant coach. I've been an assistant coach my entire life. It's what I do; it's what I enjoy. The stature of this program is such that it needs someone with head coaching experience."

Starkey will probably end up finding a job with another program, which is a shame. He's one of the best X-and-O offensive minds out there. His motion offense at LSU is as effective and efficient of anyone this side of Bob Knight.

After Mulkey and Curry, it's anybody's guess as to who might end up taking the reigns. But you can bet that -- fair or not -- sexual orientation will be an issue.