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Assistant Did Chatman In

More revelations on the Pokey Chatman situation:

Carla Berry, who has been an assistant for the Lady Tigers since 1999, first reported the allegation to university officials outside the athletic department. After determining that no current players appear to be involved, the university made athletic department officials aware of Berry's allegation. Multiple sources within the LSU athletic department told that there is no evidence of inappropriate behavior with any current players.

Berry didn't respond to numerous requests for comment.

Berry's motivation for making the allegation to university officials isn't clear. One athletic department insider said that Chatman continued to seek advice from Berry, a longtime friend and colleague, as late as Thursday, the day after Chatman unexpectedly resigned her position as head coach. By then, the scandal was reaching critical mass.

Clearly Berry did what was right for the program by turning in her former teammate (the two played together at LSU for three years). Of course, there are still a few questions in which the details have yet to seep out. When did Berry know and how long did she wait to inform university officials? At what point did university officials know and how long did it take from then to determine no current players were involved?

With the new information, Berry is clearly in a precarious position at LSU and you have to wonder how others within the department will feel about working with her heading into the NCAA Tournament. What she did took guts and she should be commended. She had to turn in a friend and mentor to do what was right for LSU in the long run.

No matter what, this story will keep unfolding as the days pass, repeatedly reminding everyone of that shiner on LSU's right eye.