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Big Baby Making the Jump

John Brady said today that All-American Glen Davis will declare for the NBA Draft. He has not declared before, meaning if he doesn't sign with an agent, he will be able to remove his name before the draft and return for a senior season. Right now, Davis is ranked as the No. 54 prospect on Chad Ford's Big Board (subscription).

Watching the SEC Tournament, you'd have thought Davis draft stock dropped significantly by him returning for his junior campaign. But that was mostly pundits blowing hot air (see Brando, Tim). If I remember correctly, Ford had Big Baby in the 50s last year as well. He has cleared up one big issue scouts have had by dropping 40 pounds last offseason. Looking at his numbers from this year, they were even or better across the board from the 2006. I also think he showed the ability to face the basket and shoot better, which he'll have to do at the next level.

Whether Davis chooses to stay in the draft will probably depend on a number of things, the first of which is if he believes he'll be a first-round pick. He would have to have some amazing workouts to get into the first round and I just don't see it happening. As an undersized power forward (by NBA standards), its unlikely Davis would ever project as more than a mid second-round choice, unless he returns to LSU and averages 30 and 15 while shooting 45 percent from three-point range.

When Davis finds out he won't be a first rounder, he might be tempted to come back and play his final year with friends Garrett Temple and Tasmin Mitchell. However, Brady would be well advised to sign some talent to supplement them so Davis thinks he can win by coming back.

Brady said Davis will meet with agents over the next couple weeks and make a decision about signing. He'd be wise to keep all his options on the table.