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Big Baby Not Gone ... Yet

Okay, so ESPN, and everyone else jumped the gun a little bit on Glen Davis.

Davis said "I'm going to take the rest of this week and the weekend to see where I stand. If the situation is right and I like what I hear, I'm leaning toward leaving.

"But I also have to think about coming back. I've got great teammates and friends on this team and if I do come back, it's because I don't want to leave them yet."

Davis said he could make an announcement as early as next Wednesday and acknowledged that he has several interviews set up later this week with agents. He also said if he does decide to declare for the draft, it won't be to test the waters -- contrary to the and reports.

"If I'm in it, I'm going," Davis said. "I'm in it to win it, man. I don't want to mess with seeing where I might go and then come back. I want to have a press conference as soon as I reach a final decision and go forward from there, whether I go to the NBA or come back for my last year."

I find it interesting that he would say he's making a final decision next week. You have to admire that if he decides to leave, he's going full bore, but it doesn't seem like the smartest way to go about things. Of course, he's not tied to his word and could eventually change his mind.

I don't know anyone who thinks Davis will be back next year, leaving quite a hole in the middle for LSU to fill. Hopefully, Garrett Green or Quintin Thornton can fill the void somewhat, because I sure don't expect Magnum Rolle or Chris Johnson to be able to score 18 a game.