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Combine Part Deux

It's Pro Day at LSU and 19 Tigers will be going through the workouts. I don't understand why schools feel the need to have a pro day when there's also a combine. Or vice versa, but whatever. LaRon Landy can solidify his top 15 draft status by running a sub-4.4 40 like he did at the combine. Dwayne Bowe needs to show better than he did in Indianpolis to regain the status he earned during the Senior Bowl as a first-round pick. Everyone knows JaMarcus Russell is going No. 1 overall, as long as he doesn't forget how to throw today.

Today is way more important for LSU's other 16 prospects, who will use this as their only chance to shine in front of scouts. Justin Vincent, Jessie Daniels and Craig Davis have the most to gain or lose based on their performances. I don't expect Vincent to even get drafted right now, but if he shows well, he might entice a team to take a flyer on him hoping he returns to JV2003. Daniels and Davis will both be drafted, they're just trying to make some extra bank today.