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Why I Don't Like Reporters

The latest Advocate story on the Pokey Chatman situation wraps up like this:

A knock on the door at Chatman's home and phone messages requesting an interview went unanswered.

A knock on the door of her house? Don't we think we're going a little too far here. Every reporter under the sun has been trying to get a statement from Chatman since the story broke and she's clearly disappeared.
And finally, there's Chatman, who spent her entire adult life at LSU. A short drive from campus is her house. Like her office, it is empty and dark, just another skeleton of a brilliant future thrown away. Fans have been leaving notes of support tucked inside her door handle.

The morning paper sits in the drive, filled with details of her career's demise. It hasn't been read. No one knows where Chatman is, and she hasn't come forward to explain.

Let it go guys. It's plainly obvious to anyone that Chatman isn't going to be talking about this for quite some time, at least until the NCAA Tournament is over. There's no way on Earth, she wants to be any more of a distraction to her former players and team than she already has been.