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TigerSmack is almost back.

Peter Bean at Burnt Orange Nation does not like Gus Johnson. I find him highly comical. My roommate - an aspiring broadcaster - has been saying for years that his one desire in life is to have Gus narrate his eventual proposal to his girlfriend. (Of course, said roomie would need a girlfriend first, but that's just semantics.) Not sure why Gus is getting so famous now, he was just as phenomenally spastic on the air as a football play by play guy just this last fall (note: six months after the famous UCLA-Gonzaga game in the NCAA tourney last year).

Your SEC baseball roundup courtesy of Roll Bama Roll. Great and quick piece.

Ahh, the memories of being an SEC fan whose team is playing surprisingly well in the tournament. That was us last year, and all, but this year, head over to Rocky Top Talk to watch their glee. It is kinda nice. I don't hate Tennessee or anything, so I wish them well. Alas, the same cannot be said for the Gators because, well, f*ck the Gators.

Oh, and in case you're looking for that special something for the LSU fan in your life, how about an authentic 2003 LSU national championship ring? (HT: Jeditiger on