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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

It sure wasn't pretty, but the LSU women's basketball team showed a lot of character to rally and advance to the Sweet 16 for the fifth straight year on Monday. The Lady Tigers have been on a roller coaster for the past two weeks between beating Tennessee, having their coach resign among sexual allegations and now playing in the NCAA Tournament under interim coach Bob Starkey. But this group of young women showed their resilience in a big way with an 11-point comeback to beat West Virginia, 49-43.

The game wasn't supposed to be this close. After all, LSU had dominated the same West Virginia squad 64-25 earlier in the season. Whether it was a case of overlooking an overmatched opponent or a loss of focus from a hurricane of events, the Lady Tigers clearly showed what they were made of down the stretch to move on.

Now awaiting them is a surprising Florida State squad, which upset No. 2-seed Stanford on the Cardinal's home court Saturday night.

So, congratulations to the Lady Tigers. You have to feel good for them to seem them go through everything they have -- which was all completely beyond their control -- and come out shining on the other end. Now they're two wins from a fourth-straight Final Four and a silver lining to their dark cloud.

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