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Crowton Doing Just Fine, Thank You

Gary Crowton's offense at LSU seems to be drawing rave reviews from the people that matter most, the players.

"It's not as crowded, and we have more open space to make moves and run after the catch," said LSU rising senior receiver Early Doucet, who figures to be one of the busier beneficiaries of the more pass-happy scheme. "We're not just running routes where we go out of bounds or get hit as soon as we catch it. We get a chance to do something after we get the ball in our hands."

LSU hasn't exactly been hurting on offense the last seven years with Jimbo Fisher pulling the strings. However, Crowton may be an even better, more innovative offensive mind. He must be licking his chops to work with a group of skill players as talented as LSU's.

I'd expect less downfield passing next year, because you don't have someone the caliber of JaMarcus Russell behind center. But it might not matter. It's like Doucet said, there's more room to run, which means more big plays. And if the passes are getting out quicker, thats fewer sacks. Now, if we can just get rid of those pesky false starts.