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Brady Adds Fifth to Recruiting Class

John Brady added another member to the recruiting class for next year, Marcus Thornton out of Kilgore (Texas) College and Tara High School. Marcus should fill a void in the Tigers offense by giving them a player that can create his own shot and be an offensive threat from anywhere on the court.

"He can flat out score," said Sam Lowe of "He's a threat from anywhere on the perimeter, he's a slasher and he can go in the lane and finish. Defenses have to pay attention to him no matter where he's at on the floor. He was one of the best JUCO players in the country this season, regardless of position."

The headliner of Brady's class is Anthony Randolph, the 17th-best prospect in the nation according to He picked LSU over Georgetown and Texas.

The question has never been John Brady's (okay, Butch Pierre's) ability to recruit. The Tigers always seem to land one major recruit. They just can't ever seem to get that second or third to make a truly special team. Well, that and we're not exactly sure what kind of coaching these players receive when they show up on campus.