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Final Four bound

There are butt-kickings, there are brutal butt-kickings and then, well, there are beatdowns of the ilk the Lady Tigers laid upon the Connecticut Huskettes tonight. 73-50! That's the sort of score we'd expect to see in the 2-15 game in Round 1 of the tourney. But in the Elite 8? Over a #1 seed? A 17-point lead in the first half? Holding the venerable Huskies to 20-for-60 from the floor, their worst outing of the season? Are you kidding me? Talk about sweet revenge for that buzzer-beater that wasn't quite enough!!!

So we'll call it an even trade then, UConn. You ended our 43-game home winning streak last month. We ended your season. Bellissimo!

Next up, the State University of New Jersey on Sunday night - I know, I know, I thought they were a football school too! Fourth year in a row to the Final Four, congratulations Lady Tigers! Bring it home this time.

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